Local Rules


Front Nine

Hole 1 - 49 metres

At 49 metres, the first seems quite straight forward, however the green may cause some problems as it falls off at both sides and to the back, which is protected by a bunker at the front. A solid pitch to the middle of the green will give you a great chance for an opening birdie.

Hole One
Hole Two

Hole 2 - 69 metres

This hole is 69 metres but mostly plays longer when the wind is in your face. It will take everything you have to get up there. Anything short will find a big bunker difficult to get out of. A par is a good score here.

Hole 3 - 32 metres

The shortest hole on the course at 32 metres. May seem easy but many a round has been ruined by this hole. Can be a birdie or a bogey depending on the pitch.

Hole Three
Hole Four

Hole 4 - 47 metre

A straight forward 47 metre pitch. Keep to the right half of the green as anything left will kick left. Green is tricky to read but a definite birdie opportunity.

Hole 5 - 69 metres

At 69 metres it is not difficult to see why this is the hardest hole on the course. A big bunker on front with banks and mounds surrounding a firm green. Take your par and run and if you come out of the first five holes under par you are on for a good score.

Hole Five
Hole Six

Hole 6 - 36 metres

A 36 metre shot to a large-ish green. Easiest hole on the course where you must get your birdie to keep up with the field.

Hole 7 - 55 metres

55 metres to a big green with a small bunker in front. Can play longer than it's distance if the wind is in your face, which it usually is.

Hole Seven
Hole Eight

Hole 8 - 62 metres

At 62 metres it is a long shot but not too difficult. There is a large mound on front and any pitch to the front of the green will more than likely spin back off. Don't be long!

Hole 9 - 57 metres

This hole all depends on where the flag is. If it is at the bottom of the green it can be one of the easiest holes on the course as all balls will feed back down the slope to the flag. However, if it is at the top it can be very tough, especially if you go big. 57 metres with a big bunker at the front.

Hole Nine


Back Nine

Hole 10 - 39 metres

Nice start to the back nine at 39 metres. Middle of the green and you have a great birdie chance.

Hole Ten
Hole Eleven

Hole 11 - 41 metres

41 metres from a height to a large green. However, anything hit to the left half of the green will go left and most likely off the green. A bunker awaits at the back for any big pitches.

Hole 12 - 44 metres

44 metres to a raised green. Aim for the middle of the green and don't go flag hunting, and don't be long. Just like the 3rd, it can be either a 2 or a 4.

Hole Twelve
Hole Thirteen

Hole 13 - 52 metres

A 52 metre shot which is blind due to the bushes and trees in front of the tee box. A bunker at the front and the back protecting a green sloping away from you. An accurate pitch is required here.

Hole 14 - 56 metres

The back tee box is 56 metres from one height across to the other. Don't be short as you will find yourself at the bottom of a steep hill.

Hole Fourteen
Hole Fifteen

Hole 15 - 53 metres

At 53 metres this is the second hardest hole on the course. Although it looks a simple pitch it is far from it. A bunker at the front guards a nightmare green which falls off at all sides and if the flag is on one of these sides it can turn bad very quickly.

Hole 16 - 48 metres

48 metres back up the hill to a green that slopes from back to front. Be under the hole and you have a nice putt back up the green. Anything long is asking for trouble.

Hole Sixteen
Hole Seventeen

Hole 17 - 58 metre

A 58 metre shot to a flat-ish green with a large mound on front and a bunker to the back. A solid pitch will give you a birdie opportunity.

Hole 18 - 46 metres

A tough finishing hole at 46 metres with two bunkers at the front and mounds inclosing the green which slopes away from you. A high straight pitch is needed here.

Hole Eighteen